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Jessica Devonmille
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Hi, my name is Jessica Devonmille and I'm twenty years old. I am currently a sophomore at West Chester University where I am majoring in Secondary Education English.

My Mission: My mission as an English teacher is to make English fun.  I believe that for students to understand and appreciate writing, spelling, and reading- the activities for students to partake in must be enjoyable.  Having an enjoyable activity helps students to understand the lesson and be excited about it at the same time.  I want all my students to enjoy English and want to keep learning more.

My teaching philosophy:
I believe that each child is a unique individual who needs a secure, caring, and stimulating atmosphere in which to grow and mature emotionally, intellectually, physically, and socially. It is my desire as a educator to help students meet their fullest potential in these areas by providing an environment that is safe, supports risk-taking, and invites a sharing of ideas. There are three elements that I believe are conducive to establishing such an environment, (1) the teacher acting as a guide, (2) allowing the child's natural curiosity to direct his/her learning, and (3) promoting respect for all things and all people.

School Diversity:
  • Every student must have an equal opportunity to achieve to her or his full potential.
  • Every student must be prepared to competently participate in an increasingly intercultural society.
  • Teachers must be prepared to effectively facilitate learning for every individual student, no matter how culturally similar or different from her- or himself.
  • Schools must be active participants in ending oppression of all types, first by ending oppression within their own walls, then by producing socially and critically active and aware students.
  • Education must become more fully student-centered and inclusive of the voices and experiences of the students.
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