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6th Grade English Webquest
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6th Grade English Webquest
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Welcome to a world of fairy tales! Fairy tales is a genre where there are princes, princesses, evil stepmothers, and witches. Most importantly, no matter what happens, everyone lives happily ever after.

Walt Disney is someone who is a legend when dealing with fairy tale movies. You probably have seen one of his fairy tales such as Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, or Beauty and the Beast.

Fairy tales first originated in France during the 17th century. The tales told at first had very little to do with enchantment and wonder that fairy tales are known for today. Many of the tales were told and retold through generations removing the darker, gloomier parts of the story. Fairy tales were originally written by adults, but are now enjoyed by all ages.

Fairy tales are interesting stories that include: elements of magic, wonder, and enchantment. Everyone wants to read a fairy tale and fall right into the story. Here is your chance to fall into a fairy tale and create one of your own.

To complete your task, you will be working with partners to do the following:

~ Read a selection of fairy tales online.

~ Analyze the fairy tales and look for recurring themes.

~ Start to pre-write your very own fairy tale by using a Pre-writing Web

~ While writing your fairy tale, use standard story elements and the fairy tale themes you concluded in your research of other fairy tales

~ Write your own fairy tale using the information you found while making your Pre-writing Web.


Step 1:

Use the Fairy Tales provided to read a selection of online fairy tales.

Step 2:

As you read these stories, follow directions on the chart to identify recurring themes presented in fairy tales.

Step 3:

Use the Pre-Writing Web concept to create an outline of your own fairy tale.

List at least three themes in the fairy tale genre that you've identified in step 2 to be included in your fairy tale.

Step 4:

Using the outline you made in Step 3 as a guide, collaborate with your partner to write your own fairy tale.

Be sure to include at least three themes in the fairy tale genre that you've identified in step 2.

Step 5:

Each group will have their story published in a class fairy tale book for the classroom library.


Read the online fairy tales provided below:

Beauty and the Beast-


The Frog Prince-

The Golden Goose-

Jack and the Beanstalk-

The Princess and the Pea-

Puss in Boots-



Sleeping Beauty-
Use the following chart to identify recurring themes

Themes Chart

Task will be evaluated using the following rubric:

Fairy Tales Theme Chart
-10 stories are read
-themes are correctly identified
___ out of 20
Pre-Writing Web
-story elements are completed
-at least 3 themes are identified
____ out of 10
Written Fairy Tale
-follows pre-writing web structure
-3 themes identified
-complete sentences
-spelling and punctuation accurate
___ out of 60
-directions were followed correctly
-student cooperated with partner
-student contributed equally to project
___ out of 10



___ out of 100

Pennsylvania Writing Standards:

~ Include detailed descriptions of people, places, and things

~ Utilize dialogue

~ Develop a problem and solution when appropriate to the topic

~ Identify topic, task, and audience

~ Write paragraphs that have a topic sentence and supporting details

~ Include an identifiable introduction, body, and conclusion

~ Spell common, frequently used words correctly

~ Punctuate correctly

~ Use complete sentences



You now know how to identify recurring themes and write your own fairy tale!

Writing your very own fairy tale is a great accomplishment and you should feel proud. Make sure you read your classmates fairy tales to see what they have written.

Happy Reading!


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